Honey Syrup

Importers of fine food and beverages. Future Cuisine brings a piece of our beautiful country New Zealand directly to you. Food, wine, beverages, honey syrup.

Future Cuisine is excited about our new Manuka honey, lemon & ginger beverage syrup. Perfect for drinking with hot water, coffee, cocktails, or simply mixed with soda water. 

Energy (kj) 263kj
Protein (g) 0.0g
Fat 0.0g
Saturated 0.0g
Carbohydrates (g) 15.4g
Sugars 15.4g
Sodium 1.0mg
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Map of New Zealand

A range of New Zealand wine produced by Moana Park in collaboration with Future Cuisine.

 Maui a supernatural being who snared the sun. Tamed fire and whose most famous feat was fishing with a fish-hook made from magical ancestral jawbone. Where he caught a whale which turned into the North Island of New Zealand.
We honour Maui. New Zealand’s most beloved legend with the Whale Islands brand. The representation of the Magical Fish-hook on the Whale Islands Labels. The Fish hook represents the Hawke’s Bay, where on alluvial outwash and dried river beds we farm the Moana Park and Whale Islands wines.
These limited volume wines have been developed in collaboration with Future Cuisine. They provide a great compliment to New Zealand Seafood dishes.
New Zealand Wine